Concorde Charisma 3 World Debut

The Concorde Charisma 3 luxury motorhome range makes its’ debut at the Dusseldorf International Caravan and Motorhome Salon starting this weekend (Saturday 27th Aug). Ian Nisbett Design Ltd are the design partners for Concorde Reisemobile Gmbh, and the new Charisma range showcases the first examples of our collaboration. Concorde are market leaders for premium level, high class motorhomes in Europe. The new Charisma 3 is a significant milestone for Concorde – to both confirm their status within the sector and also as it previews the start of a new range of motorhomes focused on stylish modern design and sophisticated luxury and quality.
The new Charisma has been designed to offer new levels of perceived quality, well resolved, modern and integrated styling, and excellent attention to detail. Particular features of note are the new Concorde ‘family face’ with high contrast LED lighting, the raised profile glass ‘Sky Roof’ design and an interior inspired by luxury yachts and aircraft. Further information on the new Charisma 3 can be found on our IND website, and the Concorde Reisemobile website.


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